Wordism: Jam Sessionz Featured Poet - The Proverbial One, Martin Sonchild

By Y. Kerry Sara

Martin Sonchild

Martin Sonchild

On Saturday, March 17th, 2018 – WORDISM: Jam Sessionz returns to Pausa Art House at 8:00 PM. Pausa Art House is located at 19 Wadsworth Street in Buffalo, New York.

The cost for the event is $10.

WORDISM is the premier non-competitive open microphone event for spoken word artists in Buffalo. The event takes place once a month at EM Tea Coffee Cup Café. There have been a few shows at Sato’s Japanese Restaurant and various other select venues in Western New York over the years.

The show is hosted by Jumanne Pitts.

WORDISM: Jam Sessionz features a live band that provides tailor-made musical backdrops for each poet who decides to step up to the microphone. The live band for this month’s event will be JFT.

JFT is a Buffalo, based jazz/funk/rhythm and blues trio that showcases Jerry Livingston on bass, Carl "Flute" Johnson on drums and Toney Rhodes on piano.

The featured poet on March 17th will be Martin Sonchild, who is also known as “The Proverbial One.”  

Y. Kerry Sara for WORDISM: What originally drew you to writing poetry and performing at spoken word events?

The Proverbial One Martin Sonchild: When I was about eleven years old, I was chosen to recite poetry at a talent show by my primary school teacher in Jamaica.  “All day I trod eart..a look fi work!”..

That’s all I remember of the poem, but I remember receiving a standing ovation, and I’ve been trying to get another one ever since.

Wordism: What do you love most about the art form and performing?

MS: I love rhythmic writing. I’m a big fan of rhyme.  I like sharing what people have never heard, nor can hear anywhere else, which is my uniqueness. The opportunity to uplift and edify others is an honor as well.

Wordism: What is your main source of inspiration?

MS: I’m inspired by the Spirit of Love.

Wordism: What is your creative process?

MS: I call my work, Proverbial Poethree. I take a line or a lesson from the Book of Proverbs or other scripture and write a three-line rhyme.  I also write on social issues and current events, usually satirically, and there’s a comedy writer in me who just loves to have fun.

Wordism: How has the creative process changed and evolved over the years?

MS: My writing process hasn’t changed, but my writing has evolved into a focused all-around message, and goal.

Wordism: What message do you hope to convey to the audience and other performers at WORDISM: Jam Sessionz at Pausa Art House on March 17th?

MS: I have a lot of messages to convey. But in sum, considering today’s social climate, I hope to leave a message of peace, love, faith, and salvation.